Police led armband is effective for all traffic police, mounted police units such as horse and police cyclists in particular as it offers 360 degree light output when compared to standard police strobe or blue LED personal lights. The LED armbands use 12 blue lights the armbands are also reflective.  police forum, police oracle, ukpolice online. police secials, policeuk.comTraffic safety Leds & STROBE LIGHTS for police and fire services effective police torch with a LED police torch feature. Makes an effective police bike light when attached to a police bicycle. Police traffic wandpolice blue led vest, police tabard, buy police led vestThe klickfast docking system is now found on most police outer garments, including hi-viz jackets, stab vests and other police kit. By attaching the klickfast stud to our KB01 knite light you have a secure docking station for your police safety strobe. W e stock a wide range of klickfast accessories which can be delivered usually next day. Klickfast locking mechanisms are used to attach airwaves and sempura radio system to uniforms and police equipment, also used by the fire service and ambulance services click fast can be bought by anyone wanting a secure way of attaching airwaves and sempura radios to their uniforms and police kit


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Highly effective safety LED beacon that makes an effective road safety product. buy warning lights for car, buy hazard warning lights for vehicles, buy led warning arrow sign
Emergency chevron LED panel. Amber LED lights with magnet, suction cup and pouch. Use it when working on the motorway, ideal for construction worker safety, highways agency workers HATO and motorway safety officers and any emergency vehicle breakdown. An affordable and effective road safety product.Vehicle breakdown lights which are battery operated will give hours of emergency breakdown light output, amber vehicle lights will suppliment your hazard warning lights . Use our rechargeable batteries with battery charger to extend their life - signalling devices for traffic. Flashing warning road sign. Used by vehicle breakdown recovery companies throughout the UK.

 Magnetic Chevron LED Panels

Text Box: Flexible, robust & superbly effective LED directional hazard chevron with 36 amber LED’s. Battery powered they conveniently fold & can be deployed in seconds having a number of applications, visible at up to 1 mile in rural environments. Magnetic & suction cup fixings & eyelets Size 32”x18” (81cm x 46cm)
Price £32.99  Batteries not incl.
Available with blue background and white chevrons for the police, these are an extremely versatile road warning sign with flashing chevrons that direct traffic to safety. Ideal for the police and fire services as well as HATO patrolsText Box: Battery powered lighting solutions,  a range of products designed to enhance the safety of persons working with vehicles and on the roads. Personal LED safety lights, traffic wands & hazard lights, warning triangles & LED armbands...

   Traffic Control & Road Safety Lights

Amber LED light with equipment belt, magnet, suction cup and pouch. Wear it when working on the motorway, ideal for construction worker safety, highways agency workers and motorway police officers. Similar in design to the lightman safety strobe this LED is nearly half the price of the lightman range. Makes an excellent horse safety light if worn to the rear of a horse rider, ideal for police horses as well as civilian horse rider safety. Available as a doctors green light as a paramedics green led strobe light. HATO traffic safety lightMashalling wand for traffic control and safety in car parks and on the roads, these road safety lights  make excellent signalling lights. police forum, police oracle, ukpolice online. police secials, policeuk.com buy red/green traffic wand, buy signal lightwith uses for the police torch, fire service and military, the blue and red flashing light for police torch use has patterns of this traffic baton make it ideal for use as a hand held traffic control torch as well as a stand alone traffic beacon. Use at the scene of road traffic collisions (RTC's) police checkpoints or police cordons. Marshalling light and traffic safety lights make ideal signalling devices for traffic. buy traffic signal light for policeText Box: Police personal safety lights, traffic batons, portable battery powered lighting solutions. A range of duty equipment designed to enhance the presence and safety of police and other branches of the emergency services - fire and rescue.

   Bright Ideas to Make Policing Safer

Knight Beacon safety lights are widely used throughout the public and private sectors.

Battery powered, utilising high output LED’s they considerably enhance the safety of those working on the country’s highways, within transport depots, construction yards in fact anywhere where being seen is been safe!

Police and other emergency services throughout the UK are realising the value of Knight Beacons specialised personal safety lights. Putting a value on the safety of the emergency services  is difficult to do, so we have stripped down the cost to allow more of the UK’s police authorities to invest in simple but effective LED safety lighting. It could just make the difference.

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LED armband - a refective yellow high viz LED armband with 4 bright LEDs ideal for cyclists, joggers, construction workers, binmen, lollipop men and lollipop women, council workers and highways agency officers HATO, even RAC and AA men and AVRO operators. Flourescent armband for running, lighted pet collar and light for horse and horse riders. Hi viz safety flourescent armband with 4 yellow LEDs ideal for cyclists. football stewards light, football ground safety LED, football marshalling and children's safety light.buy red and green traffic wand, buy signal light, signalling lightText Box: Ideal for HATO highway traffic officer use, broken down motorists, vehichle recovery operators and much more. These light panels are amazingly bright and will outperform hazard warning triangles every time. Place them to warn other motorists of an obstacle or vehicle breakdown and make road safety a priority. flashing warning road signText Box: A range of KlickFast fittings are available immediately from stock, with next day delivery if ordered before 3.30pm
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  New Police Knight Pods & Warning Light Kits

  Collapsible LED Cone 

KB60 police traffic control wand and traffic control baton, with red and blue flashing light patterns these are ideal for use at police road blocks, vehicle check points and anywhere where police or customs officers need to direct or control the movement of vehiclespolice personal blue safety lights, KB01 also available at enforce logic and copshopPower flares, police pod lights, buy knight pods, police warning beacons and lights

 Knight Pod Lights

power flares, led warning lights for roads and emergency services. fold flat collapsible road traffic cone with optional blue police beacon and option to mouynt the Knight Pod LED road flare